About Revelry Ink




It began in chaos. A hodgepodge of hobbies with no real direction. But over time, disorganized ambition culminated into a mission: a small business ready to impact the world. Revelry Ink was founded by Danielle Grbavac in 2017, inspired by a love of paper-crafting and spirited by generosity. From tumultuous beginnings, we make our debut with a solid understanding of the greeting card industry and a beautiful line of handmade paper products that are authentic, affordable, and versatile.

Here at Revelry Ink, we believe in celebrating life and cultivating sincere personal connections. It has never been easier or more affordable to show appreciation for the people in your life through kind, simple gestures. Our mission is every day sentiments that illuminate the small, ordinary moments just as brightly as life's biggest milestones.

If our mission inspires you, we challenge you! Find a moment for more random acts of kindness in your daily routines and start inking your world. Share your random acts with #MyRevelry and join the RevelNation!



Giving has no bounds, and Revelry Ink isn't just a brand about sharing sentiments. We understand that as our world grows bigger, so do uncontrolled populations of homeless pets. That is why a portion of all card purchases made through Revelry Ink is donated to local charities toward the safe harbor and adoption of homeless animals. That means every card purchase here makes a lasting positive impact on society.